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Not long to go now but still time to grab a deal 
Digital £2
Printed Comic £4
Prints £15
Sketches £20
Packages £40 & £75
Click the pic to check them out before it ends!

3 days to go

Happy Hallowe'en

Friday round up

Friday Round Up

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This time last week I did an interview with Tyler Roi for the great Canadian podcast and site Comixiread. We chatted about all of the Millicent Barnes Comics titles and went a little more in depth on the creation of Monologue. Have a listen and check out their site - starts around 2.11 in.

On Sunday Monologue passed it's first stretch goal so everyone who bought a physical package will get this art card free.

Also on Sunday the new weekly reading list began. Simply what comics were read that week and what were thought of them.

Monday we launched this new blog and as a special giveaway there is a free issue on the City War page to download.

Wednesday was release day for Delta issue two. Kerry tries to shake off the Liu Hui influence and set down roots. It doesn't go as planned. 

Some new promos made up too

Thursday we were a featured Kickstarter on the great ComicBastards.

So lots of exposure as Monologue enters the final week. If you know Anyone who may be into it please spread the word for a final kick.

New reading list in a few days. 
Please send anything - questions, comments, or camaraderie to 

Monologue on ComicBastards!

Delta issue 2 out now

Delta issue two out tomorrow

I can't remember which side I'm on

Interview on Comixiread

Over the weekend I did an interview with Tyler Roi for my favourite podcast -Comixiread's It's Canon Podcast. It's three Canadian guys - Boris, Kyle, & Tyler -chatting about comics. I've been listening to it for quite a while now and it is by far the most entertaining and intelligent commentary to listen to while I'm working. Naturally I was delighted to be on the show to talk about the Monologue Kickstarter. We ended up chatting about all of MillicentBarnesComics ongoing projects and the interview turned out great. It starts around 2.10 but listen to the whole podcast if you have time.

Plus we hit our 1st stretch goal last night too and lots more have been added

Monologue Kickstarter

Millicent Barnes Comics

Millicent Barnes Comics titles
That Guy
Titles available on Comixology